Photo Wallpaper Murals: Customer Installations

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Designer wallpaper in a bookstore in Brooklyn, New York.

custom wallpaper in bookstore

Yankee Stadium mural in a lucky boy's bedroom.

Yankee Stadium wall mural

A lavish view of NYC's Central Park graces the walls of this conference room.

NYC Central Park mural

A small custom wall mural framed out creates a room with a view.

dining room wall mural

Colorful custom mural of blurred traffic lights looks so cool in a girl's room.

girls room wall murals

Blobby Billy looks pretty sweet in this boy's bedroom!

Cartoon Wall Mural

Custom wallpaper for a hotel lobby.

Custom wallpaper for a lobby

This cafeteria is transformed into a lovely sidewalk cafe!

cafe wall mural

Custom wallpaper in a hotdog shop.

This hotel meeting room is transformed into a grand ballroom with an amazing view!

A client's patriotism was the inspiration for this 9/11 NYC skyline tribute mural.

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