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Asian Far Eastern

Asian wall murals are luxurious, yet affordable wall art pieces printed on wallpaper. Are you looking to add some simplicity and peace to your living or working space? Browse this collection, it's perfect for creating a zen environment in your home or office.

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Regardless of how images appear on screens and monitors, all murals and wallpaper images print crystal clear to the highest standards in the industry.
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Wallpaper murals of Far Eastern photography are a simple solution for beautiful home decor. Enjoy the serenity of a bamboo garden, a temple, or a scenic Asian landscape. Your walls will rejoice!

These are luxurious, yet affordable wall art pieces. Choose the perfect image for your home or office. Through a wall mural, you can walk down a bamboo bordered path in Kyoto, meander through a Japanese rock garden, gaze up at Mt. Fuji, Yellow Mountain, or stop and stare at the Great Wall of China.

Ponder the Roofs of the Forbidden City, Namdaemun Gate in Seoul, Shirakawa Village, the ornate dragon staircase at Wat Hua Wiang Temple of Thailand, and more. These are a treat for the senses as well as a way to visually transport your room into an ancient, spiritual and beautiful part of the world.

Find an image that feels just right for you and shop securely online. Once your order is placed, your wallpaper mural will be custom printed and shipped right to your door.

Installation instructions are sent with your online purchase invoice so that you can prepare your wall correctly. Your Asian mural will add sublime tranquility to your home decor and provide years of viewing pleasure.

I have something else in mind. Do you have other images?

Answer: Yes! We have thousands of images in our library. Let us know what you would like and we will do our best to find it for you. Whether you need a specific temple, Oriental garden or shrine, we'll do our best to find the right mural for you to fulfill your decorating vision.

Bring Far Eastern Inspiration to Your Walls!