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Create your very own Custom Wall Mural by following the simple instructions below:

Note: Use your best and biggest photo for the best results!


  1. Open your email program. Create a New Email.
  2. Attach the photo you wish to use from your computer or device to your email.
  3. Include the exact Width and Height that you need.
  4. Enter any additional details about your wall mural project, for example if you require cropping.
  5. Provide your Name, Email, Shipping Address and Phone Number.
  6. Hit Send. All done!

Once you have submitted your information, a design consultant will contact you to finalize your order.

Note that email can only send files of a certain size. If your email bounces, it may be because your file is too large. But remember- you Must Use a Large File for your mural! If this happens to you, simply send us your image using a free service such as or

We accept the following file formats: .jpg, .png, .pdf, .psd, .tif, .ai, and .eps.

Note: Use your best and biggest photo for the best result. The higher the resolution the sharper your mural will be. We recommend file sizes from 1 MB to 100 MB. Always use your largest uncompressed photo file. High res works best!