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Mosaic Wallpaper - Designs That Trick the Eye

Mosaic wallpaper murals give the luxuriously expensive look of tile mosaics you desire, at affordable wallpaper prices. Here you will find classic, understated, ornate, and trendy designs that are fresh, fun, and look like the real thing. This digitally printed graphic technique really does trick the eye

Please click on images to enlarge and for size and price. Regardless of how images appear on screens and monitors, all wallpaper images print crystal clear to the highest standards in the industry.
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Bamboo Mural, Tile Wallpaper, Bamboo Wall Mural
Sale Price: $577.00
BLUE FLARE TILE WALLPAPER, Mosaic Wallpaper, Blue Flare Tile
Sale Price: $120.00
BLUE PATTERN TILE WALLPAPER, Mosaic Wallpaper, Blue Pattern Tile
Sale Price: $120.00
Blue Rectangle Tile Wallpaper, Mosaic Wallpaper, Blue Rectangle Tile
Sale Price: $120.00
BROWN STONE TILE WALLPAPER, Mosaic Wallpaper, Brown Stone Tile
Sale Price: $120.00
Caesar Mural, Tile Wallpaper, Caesar Wall Mural
Sale Price: $425.00
CLASSIC GLASS TILE WALLPAPER, Mosaic Wallpaper, Classic Glass Tile
Sale Price: $120.00
Clouds Mural, Tile Wallpaper, Clouds Wall Mural
Sale Price: $577.00
COLORED GLASS BLOCK WALLPAPER, Mosaic Wallpaper, Colored Glass Block
Sale Price: $120.00
COLORFUL GLASS TILE WALLPAPER, Mosaic Wallpaper, Colorful Glass Tile
Sale Price: $120.00
Everyone loves the look of ceramic, stone, or glass tile. With easy to install mosaic wallpaper murals, you save time and money while getting the rich look you desire.

Browse this unique collection of patterned wallpaper for a wide variety of patterns, designs and colors. The designs range from the organic, including glass, stone, ceramic and various shaped tiles, to designer inspirations for tastes that lean toward the cutting edge.

Look close and see grouting, paint, shiny glass and other realistic details. This really is wallpaper, but no one may ever know. The best part is, you get a very luxurious high end look, at incredibly affordable prices.

Accent part of a wall or cover an entire room with a mosaic wallpaper tile design. For a complete, stand alone wall art piece, see : Caesar, Geisha, and Stallion. Here the tiles integrate to form a complete mural composition, telling a dramatic and beautiful story.

Find a print that is just right for you and shop securely online. Once your order is placed, your wallpaper will be custom printed and shipped right to your door. Installation instructions are sent with your online purchase invoice so that you can prepare your wall correctly. Your mosaic wallpaper will add dramatic impact to your room decor and provide years of viewing pleasure.

  • "I love my mosaic wallpaper!" -Suzie P., Akron, OH

  • "My wallpaper arrived and it is beautiful." -Barbara C., Athens, GA

Mosaic Wallpaper Murals - Elegant Patterns for Home Decor