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Shown is a wall mural from our collection which was further embellished with gold contour cut vinyl lettering, a heavenly addition to this church foyer.

This hospital corridor was livened up with an awe inspiring forest mural that stretched as far as the eye can see.

An aerospace industry leader wanted their reception area to reflect their company visually. They commissioned a custom mural of the earth from space. Stretching across two full walls, this sets a dramatic stage for their visitors and clients.

This custom mural was created using a client's own design for a fantastic kids bedroom.

Shown is a very large wall mural of the New York skyline laid out in the studio before shipment.

Mural of New York City's skyline at dusk--spectacular!

Here is a beautiful and very ambitious loft project. We took their photograph and created a custom wall mural for this model showroom that simulates how the view would look at sunset.

Another angle of the all-encompassing loft showroom, showing the mural going around corners of the room.

Custom ceiling wallpaper mural in a grand living room. It's hard to believe this is wallpaper!

ceiling mural

Custom mural added to a restaurant wall.

wall mural in restaurant

Custom wall mural at Motown Historical Museum representing music history timeline.

custom wall mural

Custom mural in tattoo parlor from client's original artwork.

wall mural in tattoo parlor

Custom wall mural in a grand staircase.

mural in a staircase

Custom wall mural in summer house guest bedroom.

bedroom mural

Custom wall mural in master bedroom of the same summer house.

wall mural in master bedroom

Wall mural added to a chic entryway foyer.

entryway foyer wall mural

Closet of master bedroom suite with custom wallpaper mural.

custom wallpaper

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